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Hello and nice to meet you!

Thank you for all visitators on our Page, thank you for your interest and your Likes on our Facebook and Instagram page @theruttino.

Thank you for all subscribers, we hope all of you received the gift Code with 10% OFF. If not, please resubscribe on our LAUNCH PAGE (find it in top Menu ). We are so thankfully that there are so many interested persons on our Makeup Products.

We are on the way to launch our RUTTINO Full Coverage Foundation and we are glad to share with you informations about our products. We are an Online Company for Cosmetics Products, based in Austria. We will ship all over the Europe in the best short time we can, 3-5 business days.

Also we are open to share your Stories about Makeup on our Blog for all Makeup Lovers of you.
If you have a story or you wish to write a Blog Page, please write us an E-mail at with your story as you wish, photos to include, your Facebook Page and Instagram. We will post it on our Blog and people will can find you. For Blog Post please use the subject "Community".

If you are a subscriber, but if you don't wish to receive our E-mails or Blog posts anymore, please also send us an E-mail at with the subject "Delete me". We will remove you from our E-mail list as you wish.

Thank you for your time spent on read our Article. We hope you like our concept. For further informations, collaboration and more, please contact us at:

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